Ardratha Pain & Palliative Care Mission

"There may be limits to cure but there is no limit to care"

Ardratha pain and palliative mission was inaugurated on 27th may 2017. In association with Pushpagiri Medical College, Adoor Diocese had conducted training camps for the volunteers. Around 120 volunteers came forward and now they serve at their local units. Seminars and training camps were arranged at parish-centre-Diocesan level.

Palliative care

It's a care beyond cure. It enable them to die in a supportive and loving environment. "Care" is the right of the patient and family and we stand committed to giving it to them."care " is not a charity that we give them. By giving us the opportunity to care for them, they are enriching our lives.
Ardratha palliative mission involves improving quality of life of people with life-limiting or disabling diseases by providing emotional, social and spiritual support.
Home care is provided by the help of supportive groups at parish level. We meet patients who are facing terrible pain and isolation due to cancer, kidney dialysis, bedridden etc. If the patient needs OP and IP facilities , volunteers will guide them to the hospital.
For more details and help: Rev.Y Alex-8547696077


Convener:  Rev. Y Alex
Ardratha Pain and Palliative Mission, EMTM Spirituality Centre, Adoor

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