Mission (Inside Kerala)

1. Poothankara Mission :

Poothankara Mission was started on 1990 near Ilamannoor. We have 10 families there for regular worship there. Evangelist having visits to their families regularly. We have helping aid schemes there under our mission. Our mission mainly focusing on the welfare of Kodumon Plantation Labors. Rev. Binu John serves as the missionary and Evg. M. Wilson coordinating the work there as evangelist.

2. Punnala Mission :

Punnala Mission had started in the land gifted by our achen Late Rev. M. J. John. Evg.M. J. George residing there and coordinating the work in the nearby areas like Kadassery, Punnala, Anakkulam, Vazhangod, Chachipunna, etc…

3. Kunnathoor Mission :

This mission center is including in the area of Kannamkode Centre. The residing evangelist Evg. M. C. Rajan is visiting nearby homes and coordinating the works over there.

4.Tharayilkadav Mission :

Tharayilkadavu is a coastal area near Kayamkulam. The mission work was initiated by our late Dr. Abraham MarThoma Metropolitan in the year 1936. This is one of the pioneer mission work amongst fisherman falk. Now Adoor Diocese with the support of Kayamkulam Centre parishes. Kayamkulam Salem Mar Thoma Church take leadership to continue that mission. We have an educational programme at Tharayilkadavu in the name of divyabodhana tution centre. About 60 students from the neighboring fishermen community assembled in our centre for tuition programme. We provide them educational assistance and nutritious snacks. Now we spend Rs. 750 per month for each student. That includes teacher’s salary and food expenses. Along with this, Play School, Computer training Program, PSC Coaching Centre, Social Awareness Classes, Pakal Veed, Medical and Educational Aids, etc.. are also coordinating well under our mission. At present Rev. Jerry Thomas Varghese serving as the missionary there.

5. Puthuppally Mission :

Puthuppally is a financially backward area. There we have a medical care project known as Prakashadhara. Here we are conducting medical Clinic, self employment training, career guidance classes, food kit distribution, de-addiction awareness programs regularly. The Adoor diocese is taking care of the needs of the mission with the support of Kayamkulam Salem Mar Thoma Church. At present Rev. Jerry Thomas Varghese serving as the missionary there.

6. Manavelikkadav Mission :

The mission started on 2019 May 1st under the leadership of Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa. Tuition Centre, Tailoring training Program, Self equipping programs for Widows, etc… are the main projects there. Adoor Immanuel Mar Thoma Church is supporting in the financial needs of the mission. At present Rev. Jerry Thomas Varghese serving as the missionary there.

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